17:34 minwith sound


Gym Quicky with my sons friend TABOO

What a grate day for workout ! I go to my home gym ( it's lockdown after all ) to work on my gluts when older brother of my son's comes round totally unexpected and find me in radar unappropriated pose. I do wear just grey leggings without any underwear what is definitely noticed by the guy. I don't even know when and how they are all wet ... ops ! He spots it too and don't even think twice poor oil all over them so everything is clearly visible . He seems to be up for totally different type of gluts workout o he rips open my leggings and start to play with my tight little asshole . Im all sweaty and oily and I love it ! My ass is ready for some intense exorcise too so I put his cock in and beg him to fuck it hard . that's very intense, deep and extremely pleasuring so it makes me cum sooo hard I need to finish him off with my mouth till he blast me with his cum all over my covered in oil tits and face

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